October 29th, 2011 in About Me

Halloween!! We just got back from a cute neighborhood party (Hi Brooke!) where my girls had a ball. It was the 3rd party just for today, but WE LOVE THIS! Bring it on. Halloween is just plain fun. We have 4 more Halloween events to go this weekend, and then — ooh la la — trick-or-treating. Halloween makes me happy.

I had to show off the pictures from our celebrations so far!

Logan Pumpkin Walk: More details to come on that later — can’t wait to show you the Angry Birds and Calvin & Hobbes set-ups. People are so creative. Isn’t my little nephew adorable as a little puppy? My mom made his costume!

Gardner Village: It’s a tradition to go with my nieces, and even though part of me wants to rip my own eyeballs out while fighting the crowds, I still go. But may I suggest going in the morning? Or as early as you can? Still, finding all the witches is fun, even with the busy crowds.

Cornbellys: It is at Thanksgiving Point. There are only some events they put on that I would suggest going to. Cornbellys is one of them, and it gets better and better every year! Go as early as you can and plan to stay for hours — lots of things to do.

Dance Class Party: The owner of the dance studio goes above and beyond for Halloween parties, and we don’t miss them for anything. One year I postponed a family trip because we were going to miss it! My girls aren’t in the same dance class, but she combined their two classes for the party.

Costumes: Abby is an Indian Princess. She will wear all the jewerly and face jewels on actual Halloween night. Cameron is Alice in Wonderland, and when she is in costume she speaks in a very proper English accent. Shae is a bumblebee, although I found the ladybug costume that my other two girls wore when they were brand new, so I need to have her wear that for trick-or-treating. Gotta keep up with traditions!

Other than the 4 parties we still have left, we are having friends over for a Halloween dinner — gotta start planning that. Can’t wait to show pictures of my girls in their official costumes with all the makeup and extras. Geez, this mom thing is so fun.

Wait…have I said I love Halloween yet?

I do!


Also, I may be really hyped up on candy while writing this post. Do I have enough!!!!! Yet? 


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