Blogging Annoyances

March 28th, 2011 in About Me


Annoyances that come with blogging: People who tell you what they think you should or should not be blogging about, anonymous messages bagging on you for what you blog about, the new trend stating that blogging anything “domestic” or kind of “stay at home mommy” or “crafty” is just so…FAKEY FAKE and that in reality you must have a really empty life with things probably a huge mess behind the curtains.

You know, maybe it’s my simple mind. Or the fact that I never finished college. Or *sigh* that I really don’t know who I am. Ohhh… OR it could be that I am in fact super insecure about being a mother and making up for it by my fake posts. Those HAVE to be the reasons that I post about the things that I do. I probably would seem more intelligent, trendy or “real” if I *snorted* at moms who think of owning construction paper or getting any enjoyment from cooking for their family.

Uh no.

I honestly love making bubbles, finger painting, reading children’s books, finding new recipes we all love, putting together pretty awesome birthday parties and playing pretend for a good two hours at a time. Does it make me a better mom than the lady next door who can’t stand that stuff but is always there for her kids and spends time with them in totally different ways? Nope, but at the same time it doesn’t make what I do silly or fake or old fashioned. This is what I love and this is how I bond with my kids.

I suck at many, many things. I have many bad days. Days that end in crying, days where I am a horrible wife, days where I am not even aware of what my kids have consumed, days where I am a bumhead to my kids and days and days in a row where I have a really hard time dealing with a specific kid. Or days that I am a bumhead to my husband…wait I already said that one, didn’t I? Poor husband.

But it’s my blog and I don’t want to talk about those things all the time or most of the time or even that often. And I don’t. There is a fine line between blog readers just wanting to see that you are a REAL mom with bad days and blog readers who are so insecure that they THRIVE off of it and hope for it. And I am not playing that game. There are people who just genuinely are not into “domestic” type blogs for many different reasons and then there are those who are just mean and hurtful about it. And I am so horribly sick of it.

I am a mom blogger who loves recipes, kid’s crafts and over-doing it at birthday parties. AND I AM PROUD OF IT.

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