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July 20th, 2009 in About Me
Hi, I’m Von from!  I am not only Vanessa’s bloggin’ friend, but her “In Real Life” friend too!  I have only guest posted on another site once, because I get self conscience about my “work”.  When Vanessa said she wanted to do a blog swap, I didn’t hesitate…I said YES!  I can be my crazy self around Vanessa, and she still likes me!

To start off we decided to answer a list of questions to introduce ourselves…
I am: loving my life!
I have: the best hubbs and daughter.
I know: this too shall pass is the best motto ever!
I think: I wanna lose weight.
I don’t think: very often.
I want: to stay home with Van
I like: my laptop.
I dislike: tomatoes
I hate: lies
I dream: of making it BIG!
I fear: being alone.
I am annoyed: that my headache won’t go away.
I crave: Coke
I usually: laugh at myself and my own jokes.
I search: for new blogs to read.
I hide: when someone is at my door, and I am in my underwear.
I wonder: when baby #2 will come.
I know: that I have good people in my life.
I just can’t help: smiling.
I regret: that once upon a time I didn’t believe in myself
I love: my life, really!
I can’t live without: technology
I try to: be a good Mom
I enjoy: positive people.
I don’t care: that I’m weird.
I always: want to try to be better.
I never want to: be my Mother.
I rely on: my favorite circle of family and friends.
I believe: that I won’t regret my decisions
I dance: with Van
I sing: in the car.
I argue: with no one.
I write: on my blog.
I win: giveaways, and love it.
I lose: my mind a lot!
I wish: for a bright future.
I listen: to rap *gasp*
I don’t understand:
I forgot: what you told me yesterday.
I am happy: to be me!!
I met Vanessa at one of her Art Days (you should come to one of those BTW), and it was friendship at first site.  I instantly felt like I could confide in her, show her all my insecurities…oh, and did I mention be a complete goof ball?!  Since then we have bounced many ideas off each other for our blogs.  Some are serious, and then there was the Iron Chef Challenge…not so serious.  Before the camera was turned on, I was laughing uncontrollably.  We wondered if people would think it was as funny as we did, and then that thought fled…who cares!  We had so much fun being friends, Mom’s, and playing.  For your viewing pleasure…
I have been through a lot of challenges this past year, and Vanessa came in to my life at the exact time I needed her.
These would be my top 5 reasons why Vanessa is the bomb diggity…
#5 Vanessa believes in me, and my blog.  She gives me the best advice, and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.  When I grow up I wanna be that for someone.
#4 Vanessa inspires me daily to eat healthier for myself, and instill in my Daughter now how important it is.
#3 Every time I think of a Mom that I wanna be like…I think of Vanessa.  She is a Mom that deserves an award.  Her girls are lucky to have a Mommy that plans crafts, adventures, parties, and plays like no other Mommy!
#2 Vanessa is smart.  The. End.
AND my #1 reason why Vanessa is the bomb diggity…she has the biggest heart EVER.  She worries about everyone.  She is concerned if someone feels left out, and will make sure to go talk to that person.  She makes friends with everyone, and wants to help.
Vanessa, I am forever indebted to you.  I think that you are such a wonderful person.  I really look up to you, and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart.  Thank you for letting me be your “wing-WOman” to so many things, and putting up with my insecurities.  When I started this adventure, I would have never thought that I would have made such a fabulous friendship.  You are such a great example, and you have inspired me on so many levels.  I am so glad that I found someone that I can be my obnoxious self around, and I LOVE YOU!!  Seriously.
Oh, and I am sure that you are missin’ your daily fix of Vanessa…so go on over to to check her out!

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