Blessing Day

June 6th, 2011 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

After a very long week of dance rehearsals and recitals for the Cinderella play, it was Baby Girl’s turn to shine. Having our babies blessed turns me into a proud, weepy mama who feels very blessed. Tyler blessed her and told her that she has a mother and father here on Earth who love her and also a Mother and Father in Heaven who love her. I wish that everyone was told that throughout their lives: that we are known by name and loved very dearly. It is our job to make sure she knows that every day of her life.

Having her held in a circle of priesthood holders who love her and will be there for her is why I bawl and can’t even hear or look up at them. This baby girl is lucky and loved.

My mother makes blessing dresses for all my girls. Shae’s is beautiful. Take a look:

A SWEETHEART is what this baby girl is, I tell you, a SWEETHEART.


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