Birthday Traditions New & Old

March 16th, 2011 in About Me, Parties

Every year, my mother would have the house decorated for our birthdays so we could wake up to the streamers and balloons in our latest favorite color all over the house. I was very tired the night before Abby’s birthday this year and considered not running to the local grocery store to pick up some balloons. But I did and it was worth it when I heard her door creak open late at night and heard her whisper, “I love you Mom” after she got a sneak peak of the decorations. She pretended to be surprised the next day. That little girl thinks she is so sneaky.

We (of course) did our birthday tradition of four presents with four themes: Something Pretty, Something to Play With, Something to Wear and Something to Read. It keeps a good check on not over doing presents. This year these were Abby’s presents:

This year we also started a *NEW* birthday tradition. I was showing the girls what birthday “stones/gems” went with their birthday months on the Internet and found out that there are FLOWERS for each birthday month too. And not expensive ones either! March birthday flowers are daffodils. I decided from now on, on the girls’ birthdays, we will have their fresh birthday flowers to help celebrate.

What are your Birthday Traditions?

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