Birthday & Spring Break Week

After our jam packed weekend I decided I just wanted to be alone with my girls. So I like a horrible mother took them out of school for a week to hang out with me. We stayed downtown at the Grand America and did our favorite things. Eating at bakeries, being lazy at a nice hotel, walks, parks, museums, and interesting classes.

The older girls attended a fun class for half of the day, then the other half we played. They were lucky, so lucky, I want their life…to attend a U of U art class, Natural History Museum science camp, and an engineering camp at the Leonardo. We even picked up two friends to do that last class with them.


During that time the babies and I napped, walked around parks, and ate late breakfasts. We went to museums where they could walk around as slow as they wanted with no one whining. One day Tyler came and we went to the zoo. One day all we did for a couple hours is walk around SLC pretending to be dogs. They had sticks and I played fetch with them for way too long. It was borderline odd.


Not all of it was pleasant. Everytime we went swimming my newly potty trained girl had to poop. Foot in the water. Screaming to go to the bathroom. So then all 4 girls have to get out because they are all so young. We all squish in bathroom. Walk back. Put foot back in water. Screaming to go back to the bathroom. Repeat, I am not exagerating, 5-6 times per pool trip.


Back to pleasant. We ate at all of my favorite places, it is good I don’t live right in Salt Lake like I wanted when we moved back.

I even got a date night in. One night my sister in law came and watched the girls in the hotel. Then the next night I watched her girls.

It was a beautiful time at Grand America for the birthday. Part of the time. The other part of the time I forgot how hard it is to go on vacation alone with four kids. And I cried a bit. Grand America is such a beautiful place to stay. Look at our view! And that snapshot from their toy store!



Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 10.12.54 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 10.12.31 PM


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