Birthday Party HELP NEEDED

February 8th, 2012 in Parties

Alright guys. I need help. This birthday party business just stresses me out. Not the cake, games, presents, tons of kids in my house, decorations, etc. I love that part!


That is the part I don’t love at all.

Abby and I sat down to write down all of her friends — church friends, school friends, neighborhood friends, cousins and a few family friends. Boy oh boy, was it a lot.

Here is the problem: Abby and I are the same in many ways. We over-worry about people’s feelings. “Mom, she HAS to come — don’t you remember she invited me to her party last summer?” “Mom, but they walk home together from school; this one will know that I didn’t invite her if I invite the other one!”

Then I say, “Oh those two moms are best friends and talk to each other all day. This one will know if the other one is not invited.” “Everyone lives right next to each other! They will see all the cars and people at our house and be hurt!” “I know that this mom has been feeling left out lately. I wouldn’t want to further offend her by not inviting her kid to a party that everyone else is attending.”

See? We have a problem.

30 kids is the number. And that isn’t with class friends (because I don’t think they will ever find out because they don’t live in our neighborhood or hang out with the ladies around here). Class friends got axed first (other than the ones that live in the neighborhood — oh great, I guess class friends WILL get their feelings hurt!).

30 is too large of a number right now. I can’t do 30.

You know what I want to do? I want to just invite Abby’s friends who… you know, SHE IS FRIENDS WITH. The ones who call us back even once or twice a year to come play at their house! The ones who would be excited to see her if they saw her out and about. The ones she actually plays with! The ones who are sweet and don’t hurt her feelings. The ones with nice moms who invite Abby to play at their house too. The ones who Abby says are her “best friends” and asks to play with all week long. The ones who don’t just randomly invite her to their birthday party once year and that’s the only time they hang out the whole year. I mean real friends.

Tell me what to do; I need help.

What do you do in your house?

P.S. Don’t tell me that THIS is why you don’t do parties. We adore doing parties; it is a highlight of our year. We have many changes coming up in our girls’ lives at the end of the year so I really want to plan a fun birthday party with them this year. No giving me a hard time — just please HELP! 

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