Birthday Party at One Sweet Slice

October 10th, 2012 in About Me, Love of Local in Utah, Parties

One Sweet Slice is my favorite cupcake shop in Utah location wise, taste wise, quality wise, customer service wise, and dining room size wise. Did that last one make sense? I am trying to say that they have a good amount of seating, space, it is super cute in there. That is what I was trying to say.

So my Cameron loves cooking shows and cooking with me. I love that she will cuddle with me in the afternoon and watch an episode of Barefoot Contessa. One of her favorite shows is Cupcake Wars and I will record it to watch with her late at night after her others sisters have gone to bed. So when I heard One Sweet Slice was going to be on Cupcake Wars (and they won!) and I noticed that they did birthday parties on their website…I knew it was meant to be.

Cameron & Abby decided she should dress up like a Cupcake Fairy by wearing Abby’s old dance recital outfit, pairing it with an apron, and finding a wand.

The birthday “room” at One Sweet Slice is in the back area of their shop, isn’t it cute?

For the younger kids they teach them how to do some simple fondant techniques, have them design their cupcakes, and decorate them. Also they have cute hats & aprons for them to wear and they get a fancy drink at the party.

And here is the thing…you don’t need to bring party favors (they take one of their cupcakes home), balloons (already decorated), or really anything. You can get away with inviting just your kid’s favorite couple of friends (because it is something really cool and special). When you think about all the costs that go into a birthday party at home–you really can do it at a place like One Sweet Slice for even less. And since I had just had a baby it was the *PERFECT* time to let someone else do the party.

Bonus: They have a cute little play area for the little ones to play at during the party. And for an additional cost they have these cute “smash cakes” for the birthday girl, I bought one size up from the smash cake but you get the idea…

It turned out so cute, you can check out One Sweet Slice’s party options here: They also have a cake decorating party for older kids.

Happy Birthday sweet Cameron, so glad your 5th birthday party turned out so well!

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