Birthday Odds and Ends

October 12th, 2011 in About Me, Parties

I think this year was the first year we jam packed birthday celebrations into just one day for both girls. And why haven’t I been doing that all along? When birthdays last a couple of days or a whole weekend, my kids get moody. One jam packed day is fine with me — get it all done in one day! We also (as usual) followed our birthday traditions.

Birthday Breakfast: My daughter has a weird obsession with eggnog…well no, it’s not weird….eggnog is awesome. But I called the six grocery stores around me, plus the two grocery stores around my mother, and no one was carrying it yet. So I stayed up late to make it! And I had to make it safely for little kiddos to drink. I put sprinkles on top of the glasses by dipping the rim in frosting and then in sprinkles.

Birthday Outing: We always go to pick pumpkins on Poki’s birthday! I love how it is starting to feel like fall when her birthday rolls around.

Dinner at Grandma’s & Grandpa’s: Grandma asked her what she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner, so I texted my mom with exactly what she said: ” chicken noodle soup cotton candy lollipops gummy bugs macaroni and cheese banana treat bars chicken noodle soup” Grandma did it! She also had birthday games to play, and made Poki this BEAUTIFUL Cinderella Dress.

 Presents: Something to Play With-Classic Bingo by Eeboo & Princess Matching game from this illustrator, Something to Wear-Rose Ring with lipgloss in it, Something Pretty-Pillow with nickname (sunshine) on it and Something to Read-Skippyjonjones books that I bought awhile ago.

Geez. Lucky, lucky girls I have at this house.

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