Birthday Crowns

March 20th, 2010 in party time

I have shared in the past how we are working towards having more “eco-friendly” birthday celebrations. Also, we want more COST FRIENDLY and more tradition oriented celebrations. We have the same birthday banner that we use every year, our birthday wreath that the girls sit under, and our birthday “linens.” I finally got around to making their birthday crowns that can last throughout the years.

These crowns were just a half day project that I worked on a bit in the morning and mainly during naptime. I actually do not sew (ask my mother), but these were easy enough for me.

The template and directions are found in one of my favorite books, which I have mentioned quite a few times on my site…

Next on the list is to find some birthday plates and cups that we can use just for special birthday celebrations, cutting down on the cost of fun paper plates and cups. Let me know if you see any out there that I might enjoy!


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