Better Late than Never?

October 29th, 2011 in Books/Reading, Children’s Books

I wanted to post about these two Halloween things a while ago. But in the past two weeks I have just been…WOW. I put too much on my plate, and even though it is all fun…it’s just too much. I tend to have to learn lessons the hard way, and my poor husband & family just know that is the way I learn.

Gianna’s Baked Goods

Ok, but I wanted to tell you…if you live near a Whole Foods, these sugar cookies are DIVINE. The brand comes out with new cookie designs for each holiday.

Also, I have this one publisher that still sends boxes of books to my house. I am picky and don’t post about very many of them. But one was sent to me that all of us really enjoyed.

Zombie in Love, by Kelly DiPucchio

Zombie in Love, by Kelly DiPucchio is about a zombie who just wants to find love. He tries to impress the girls with chocolates (full of worms), rings (on a cut off finger) and roses (rotten). He isn’t finding any luck so he puts an ad in the newspaper, saying whoever likes the ad should meet him at the punch bowl at the Halloween Ball. He sadly sits there, and after a long time decides to go home, when FINALLY…a zombie girl is there to meet him. They fall madly in love.

I read this earlier today during my daughter’s class Halloween party, and it was a hit. The details in the illustrations are great — you look closely and find things that make the zombie even creepier and more hilarious. Also, the storyline is great and gets lots of big laughs from the kiddos. I know this one is available at Barnes and Noble…and of course Amazon.


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