Best Girl’s Night Out of All Time

November 10th, 2009 in About Me

It has taken me a while to blog about my fun girl’s night out.  What is my problem? It has been a busy week over at my house!

So last week, Emily and I headed up to the book singing of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Silly us thought it would be a nice cozy group.  As we drove to park we saw herds of women everywhere. Even then, silly me thought that it must just be coincidence. I know….silly me. You know what, though? I loved it.  I loved being around hundreds of women that love Ree and her recipes and her love for family as much as I do.

I thought to myself: if I can just get to tell her how she is the reason that there are yummy cinnamon rolls in our home and my husband feels indebted to her forever. If I could just tell her how many fun mornings/afternoons/nights my girls and I spend making recipes from her site. How after I received her book I had TWO nights of surprise dinner guests, and I was able to just pull out her cookbook and was all set.

Vanessa, Becky, Janet, April, Ree, Jones, Carol, Emily

Well I DID get to meet her.  I was so nervous I only got to say the cinnamon roll part but it was worth it. Ree and her sister in law are such beautiful, warm and classy ladies. Really.  AND Ree signed her name with an EXTRA heart as she smiled at me (if you got an extra heart too, don’t tell me and burst my bubble).

And even just as exciting- a group of us got in through the back to see Ree with Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes.  On Twitter, Ree said she had one as a midnight snack. I just adore Sweet Tooth Fairy and the owner, Megan, so I was beyond excited for her that Ree tried one of her cupcakes :)

We also ran into Dooce.  Yes, Heather Armstrong. Honestly I was terrified to go up to talk to her, but Heather and her assistant Katey were just as friendly as can be.

Allison, Me, Heather, Marie, Carina

It was a fabulous night.  It was very much worth it.  And to top it off, it was ended by a girls’ dinner at The Pie.

What could be better than that? Thanks, famous ladies, for being so sweet and making me feel so special.

Also if you haven’t yet made any of the recipes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks? Really, what is wrong with you!!? Email me and I will give you my favorites. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl is the book we cannot get enough of over here at the Brown house.

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