Best $8 I Have Ever Spent

June 13th, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

We moved a couple weeks ago and we’re now in the process of hanging up pictures, re-arranging furniture for the last time, organizing closets and stuff like that.

When I start a project sometimes I don’t know if it will take 15 minutes or a couple hours. Organizing things with two little ones running around sometimes doesn’t work too well. You wonder why in the world you even try if they are awake but also don’t want to stay up into the wee hours of the night to get anything done.

And then something like this happens:


I bought this book and it gave it to Miss “Look at Me, Talk to Me, I’M BOOORED, I Need Constant Attention” and she has now had something to do for two hours every morning, three days in a row. It captured her full attention and she needed NO assistance with it whatsoever.

THIS is the best $8 I have spent ever! I got almost everything done in the house and it wasn’t stressful or frustrating for us.


Usborne, you have done it again! It is a sticker book from the “Usborne Activies” line; they have a Popstars, Ballerinas and Princess book. I also have to say, after looking through it the clothes are actually really cute. I thought, “Oh! I want that top!” and, “Man! Those boots are actually really cute!” How often can you say that about Barbie clothes, My Scene online games, etc.? NEVER, so I enjoyed that the book was very tastefully done.

Another reason why I just adore Usborne: if you are in Utah you can find these books at the La De Da! Boutique in Highland right next to the Blue Lemon, although I did go back and buy three more of the nine they had left. You can also buy them online at Amazon.


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