Being a Good Dog Mom

April 15th, 2010 in About Me

As a “dog mommy,” there are some things I have to do to have a happy and functional home.  These are some of the ESSENTIALS:

1. Training

My dogs and I have a healthy relationship because we have taken the time to train them to high levels of obedience. Good training creates happy dogs, happy dog owners and a good environment for everyone. Be sure to check out my husband’s national website with FREE dog training articles and videos at Or if you live in Utah, you can check out his dog training company CommuniCanine.

2. High Quality Food

When we were beginning dog owners we spent tons of money on the WRONG type of food. After much research we have found a healthy, affordable, organic and high quality dog food.  This food comes delivered to our home for free! My dogs are healthier, they actually eat LESS, poop LESS and have much healthier coats. To read more about this dog food, go to Flint River Ranch.

3. Exercise

Dogs deserve to live in a healthy, loving home where they are taken care of. Owning a dog and caring for it properly is a lot of work, but we would not be able to live without our wonderful dogs. Making sure your dogs get enough exercise through playing games, going on walks/runs, and obedience training will result in a well behaved dog and calmer home.

4. Dog Etiquette

To ensure the safety of others and ourselves, I am a huge advocate for proper dog etiquette in public. Dogs should not be allowed to go anywhere on their own and need to be kept on a leash while in public. It is a huge liability for others and for yourself when proper dog etiquette is not followed.

5. Dog Proofing

You can have a perfectly trained dog but you also have to realize that dogs are animals! Make sure you have a safe home for your pets. Dogs are allergic to a huge list of human foods.  Be careful with what food you leave out around the house. Buy safe bedding items and toys for your beloved canines, as dogs can accidentally or purposefully eat their things.  This can lead to a trip to the vet ER!

6. Veterinarian Care

Make sure your animals are having check ups with their veterinarian on a regular basis and are up to date on all of their medication and shots!

P.S. No matter how good you think or know your dog is, do not under any circumstances leave your dog alone with your child.

I get a lot of questions offline and online when people hear I am married to a dog trainer.  Hopefully this helps a bit for you!


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