Beauty of Granada, Nicaragua

January 28th, 2013 in Our Travels Worldwide

The family and I are on a visa run to Granada, Nicaragua. I cannot get enough of this city and my camera won’t stop clicking away at it. The colors, stone, tile, iron, patterns, doors, windows, fountains, cathedrals, and buildings. The details too; faucets, etching in the glass, doorknobs, pottery, archways, sigh…everything. We go on long walks here and I soak in everything. The way the older ladies walk around with ruffled aprons. How the men take their family to and from in a carriage on the back of a horse. Watching all the little families pile on the same bike (they do this in Costa Rica as well).

There is a lot of poverty in Nicaragua but it is surrounded in beauty. Let me show you quite a few snapshots. Get ready this post is going to take awhile to load onto your computer. I tell ya this town would be just a dream for artistic minds, I am sure it already is.

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