Beauty in Every Day

November 1st, 2009 in Beauty in Everyday


Beauty in Everyday

This week I am doing something a bit different on my blog.

Last week I gave a talk in church where I spoke a lot about personally coming to the realization that the simple everyday tasks we do for or with our family are very important, beautiful and sacred.

That layer by layer and piece by piece all of these Everyday Things build a happy home, mother, father, child and family.

Every day this week I am going to write about these Everyday things. They aren’t staged or over the top or overly thought out. When I take the time to notice them and see the impact I have, it makes me hold my job as a mother very dear to my heart.

I would love for any of you to join me in posting about the Beauty in Every Day. If you do I would love to see. Being a parent is hard work.  At least it is for me, and this is what helps me- taking time to notice why I do it all.


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