Barbie Bed How To

July 23rd, 2010 in Crafts

My mom sometimes comes over to the house with a craft planned.  A while ago, it was a bag full of things to make a Barbie bed. Here is a great Barbie bed “How-To” from my mother to you.  And it could always be a bed for Woody or a beloved bear, not just girlie Barbies!

Barbie Bed “How-To”


One 6x6x1 pine board – have it cut at Home Depot in 1 foot pieces
Four 1 1/4″ wooden balls
One decorative wooden plaque about 4″ x 5″
small wood screws
E-6000 glue
Craft Paint
Buttons, jewels, etc. to decorate
Sand paper
Clear Acrylic Spray Satin Finish


1. Sand the 6″ x 12″ piece of wood

2. Drill in where the “footstools” will go on the bottom of the bed, like shown above.

3. Paint the “bed” and “headboard” and four balls.  Let dry.

4. Squeeze a small amount of glue at the end of the 6×12 piece of wood and press the headboard/plaque onto the end.  Screw in two screws to secure connection.

5.Apply glue to bottom of the balls and press onto bottom of 6×12 wood piece.  They will be the “feet” of the bed.
6. Let the bed rest for one day so the glue can set.

7. Add decorations to the headboard.  Spray bed with a clear acrylic satin finish. Let dry and you are done!!


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