Back to School Fashion Part 2

August 30th, 2011 in About Me

Part Two of Back to School Fashion. And by Part Two, I mean no more after this. I bought this kid too many clothes already. As I have said before, my name is Vanessa and I have a problem with buying clothes.

Back to School Fashion, Part One is here:

Can’t wait to see which outfit she’ll pick for her FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Which is in 7 days and yes, I am pretty sure my life will be over on that day and that I will bawl for hours. Alright, I don’t even like talking or thinking about it…so here we go. Our last set of outfits:

Shirt & Knit Leggings from Mini Boden, Sparkle Tennis Shoes from Nordstrom, Shorts from Joe Jeans.

Shirt, Corduroy Skirt, Tights from Mini Boden. Shoes-Tom Sparkle

Shirt Dress and Knit Leggings from Mini Boden, Sparkle Shoes from Oopsie Daisy

Cardigan from Peek, Tunic White Top from Oopsie Daisy, Skirt from Target, Boots from Kids Gap (last year’s line)

I buy my oldest girl’s clothes to last two years. I did that as soon as she entered around 3T size…I was ok with the clothes being a little big the first year. Then the next year they fit perfectly. That way I get more out of my money and luckily the clothes get passed down to the two little sisters. The clothes we buy get a lot of wear out of them and stay nice for years and years.

And when I have boys it’ll be a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY. Or so they all say.

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