Back to School Dinner

September 4th, 2012 in About Me, Parties

This year our theme is:

I thought it was fitting for how many changes we have coming up and how we will need to be brave a lot this upcoming year! For our FHE after dinner we had strips of paper that we wrote on–things that we were really excited for ( to do with moving, costa rica, homeschooling, etc) and then things we were kind of nervous about. Then we talked as a family about how we can help each other with the things we are nervous about and how God can help us (further explaining the scripture/family theme for the year).

We had Kneaders french toast (at home) and some other breakfast fixings. All of my nice china, cute tea party stuff is all packed away. I did get some fresh flowers and found some ribbon downstairs. Tried to jazz it up just a bit with the little bit I had!

Best part? Fathers Blessings. Even sweet little Shae got one and I had my “calm Vanessa down before giving birth–the most terrifying thing on Earth for her” blessing too.

Last Year’s Back to School Dinner/Breakfast

Wish us luck, I am trying out homeschooling this year!


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