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August 5th, 2009 in Saturday: Shopping!

Two things I cannot get enough of:

signs of Fall (I wish Fall would last forever!)


buying cute clothes for my girls.

Back-to-school shopping with my mom was the highlight of the year. (Well, most of the time. I was good at throwing fits–you know it will come back to me, right, Mom?) She would save, she would bargain, she would find the best deals and then she would splurge on something we really, really wanted. Let’s see, 7th grade I wanted flared jeans, 9th grade an Abercrombie tee and back in 4th grade the snap-at-the-bottom bodysuits. You know you remember those!

Even though my girls are not school age, for the past three years we have had a back-to-school shopping tradition. It is like this little itch (well, not little; it’s huge and rather hard to control) to get a Fall outfit for them. Notice I said OUTFIT…it isn’t THAT bad.

This year I cannot decide so I am asking MY READERS to make a choice. Which one do you think is the best pick?

My girls wear a 2T and 4T so they have both sizes in these styles; be sure to vote at the end in the poll!

#1 Mini Boden Outfit–Easy Jersey Dress with Citrus Tights and a Wool Tee underneath

#2 Baby Gap Outfit–Striped Knit Dress over Skinny Jeans

#3 Tea Collection Outfit–Floral Dress with Leggings

#4 CrewCuts Outfit–Cardigan, Flower Tee and Corduroy Skirt

Vote away!

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