Baby Update

May 3rd, 2011 in About Me

I am not sure why the thought of writing down my experience of having Shae or doing a “baby update” has been such a hard thing to sit down and do. But I wish I had written down my experiences with Abby and Cameron so I guess this is one of the good things of having a blog. Forces you to get it done!

Since Shae was induced, her birth was pretty low key and by the book. Still, when she came out 8 hours after being started it was quite exciting. Wow! A 10 1/2 lb kid…geez, I knew I had been uncomfortable for a reason. Riverton Hospital was a wonderful place to have a baby. I had such an amazing labor and delivery nurse, anesthesiologist and doctor. I was just really impressed by everyone there. I did, however, start to become very claustrophobic and wanted to leave the hospital fast. So I talked everyone into it and they agreed.

Shae is a wonderful baby. She calms me. She brings an extremely sweet, loving spirit into the home and she was sent to help her mama. Help her mama to slow down, calm down, be more peaceful, be more loving, be more patient and remember what is important as a family. She is a very special gift to us from our Heavenly Father.

Being pregnant was very hard. It is not something I enjoy in the slightest and this time around it was very tough. A certain sentence kept coming to me over and over during the last couple of months: Motherhood and bringing a baby into the world is a very special partnership with God. That humbled me and gave me strength. And now that she is here all I can think about it how much He loves her and how I need to continue my partnership with Him and make Him proud. Treat her as He treated her before He sent her to us.

I can look at Shae’s eyes and see when she looks at the girls that she really couldn’t wait to get here and that she is very happy to be here. And of course I can’t even imagine our family without her. We are a very lucky bunch over here.

She is sleeping well, eating well and really, all she asks for is to be cuddled. I am feeling ok. Other than feeling worn down I am good. Abby has been heaven sent, a humongous help. Cameron is…we are working on it. She does like to help me change diapers and so we are working from that. I am glad that Abby & Cameron are complete “Daddy Girls” because he is their sunshine right now. Also so grateful to wonderful friends & family & neighbors for their nice words, help and sweet gifts.

There it is. All finished. An official baby update! And yes, her cheeks are still squishilicious so for those of you who can’t be here to squish them yourself…here you go:

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