Baby Sister’s Wedding

August 16th, 2011 in About Me, Parties

Best Parts: Seeing old neighbors. Hanging out with cousins. My Mom turning to my brother in law and making the yack yack yack sign with her hand when the officiator was talking a BIT too much. Shakira being in the wedding music and my girls shaking their hips. How beautiful my baby sister looked. My new brother in law’s fantastic suit. Bursting out in tears just because my baby sister had burst out into tears, twice. Learning more about my Heavenly Father. Wonderful helpers who watched my girls (one of them screaming bloody murder) so I could be in the temple and watch their sealing. My husband teasing the bride and groom. Texting my sister “bow chicka bow wow” that night.

Worst Parts: Poki’s record breaking tantrum. Feeling fat. My sister, who is famous for destroying bride’s & groom’s cars, not allowing anyone to touch her car; lame-o. Hearing a DJ use a really awful word. Snapping at someone. One of my favorite boy cousins being too old to say hello to me (ahhh! made me feel old!). Not getting any pictures of aunts, uncles, grandparents and parents. Being worried.

Cutest Parts: The big ol’ grins on the bride’s and groom’s faces.

P.S. Let me show you one more picture of my beautiful baby sister. You wouldn’t even guess that I was smacking my own bum to make her give a real smile in the middle of the SLC library WOULD YOU?!

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