Baby Shower Party Favor

February 20th, 2010 in party time

We are all better and have been for over 48 hours. I lost 10 lbs and gained almost all of it back after eating a huge amount of pizza when I finally felt good enough to eat. After my lovely cleaning lady scrubbed the house, I then scrubbed the house to get rid of germs. AND after checking with the doctor’s office one more time just to be sure we really are NOT contagious, I was ready to dive into finishing up the tasks for Evonne‘s Baby Shower!

I cannot wait! It is Saturday at my house and Quinn, Emily and I are throwing it for Miss Evonne.  She has a baby boy on the way. Quinn is doing decor, Em is doing the treat (yummy appetizer, a cupcake stand, plates and cups and her awesomeness)and I am doing the food (more on that later). I thought we needed to have a party favor and I did what any other “almost twenty seven year old woman that still thinks she is in middle school” would do…a good ole fashioned MIX TAPE!

OR a totally legal burned CD for Evonne and all the guests.

I secretly asked them all to email me a song that reminds them of Evonne and then had Evonne send me some songs that expressed how she felt during this pregnancy.

I had Alma from Ollibird (oh how I love her design) design a front and back cover for the CDs. I went to FedEx and just had them print it out on sticker paper.

I hope she loves it.  I really think she will.

Can’t wait to show you more from the baby shower.  We love you Evonne!


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