Baby Girl’s Room Makeover: Project #1–“Special” Boxes for “Special” Things

February 3rd, 2010 in Crafts, family, party time

A few weeks ago we started rearranging all the rooms in our house and Baby Girl’s room has been sitting…well, like this…for quite a while:

Embarassing. Ok, well I am redoing it and using the song, “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley as the theme. JUST YOU WAIT, it is going to be amazing. I am doing quite a few projects WITH the girls to redo her room.  The one we did today took just an hour.

Project #1 Special “Cubbies” for Special Things


6 “Cubby” Boxes or Shadow Boxes (3 for each side of the bed to go on the wall)

Scotch Tape

Cardboard Box

Fabric Scraps

Hammer and Nails


1. Cut your carboard pieces to match the backs of your “cubby boxes”

2. Cut your scrap fabric to be about an inch larger around than the cardboard piece. Iron out the fabric and you can simply fold the edges over and fasten with scotch tape!

3. Arrange the fabric covered cardboard on your wall at just the right height for whoever will be using it. In this room, we are using 3 each on both sides of her big girl bed.

4. Hammer in the fabric covered cardboard to the wall (after lining up the nail holes in the “cubby” box also). But only put the nail halfway into the wall.

5. Hang up the “shadow” boxes or “cubby” boxes onto the wall.

6. Let your little one add in her “special Items

This was so simple and fun! They will go on both sides of her (not here yet) big girl bed! Next on my list is redoing this toy box that will go at the end of her bed.  This is where her “fairy houses” reside.

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