Baby Girl

November 29th, 2010 in About Me

Yes, a baby girl!

The ultrasound technician was absolutely wonderful.  She was warm, friendly, helpful, nice and she SPOILED me. I think she let me take quite a long time checking out the baby. At first the umbilical cord was in the way so we could not see the gender.  Next, her hand was blocking the view, and then finally we could see!

And you know what? Even though I thought I would be…I wasn’t surprised. I guess I knew. I wasn’t disappointed even for a second.  But yes, one day Tyler and I want a chubby, yummy boy to love and squish.

But another baby girl?

She will fit in just perfectly.

Three girls, just like in my own family growing up: Myself (born 1983), Sarah Beara (born 1985) and Laura Lou (born 1988). And that is why I started bawling while driving to meet my girls.  Goodness me, they are going to be such lucky sisters to have each other.

After running Daddy to an appointment , we celebrated by running upstairs, blasting the radio and having a very serious dance party.

Get ready little girl. We are a wild bunch.

Daddy has named you Shay (or Shey or Shea or Shae…I will have to decide which looks prettier). It is an Irish name that has been around for thousands of years and WE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!


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