Baby Girl is 3

October 3rd, 2010 in About Me

Baby Girl, you are three today, three, *sigh,* three.

When I tell you or anyone else tells you that you are turning three you scream, “NO! I am little.”  If anyone calls you “big” in anyway you scream, “NO LITTLE!”

Fine by me, you and I can have a deal.

You are fiercely independent.  I mean fierce.  Grandma and I were talking and remembering how when you were a baby that you would not let anyone feed you.  You developed eating on your own at a very young age and when you HAD to be fed by one of us you loathed it. You want to dress yourself with no help when your older sister still asks for help.

At the same time you *need* us.  Whenever you feel a bit nervous or whenever we are out and about you must, must, must be holding my hand.

It feels nice.  That’s why you and I can have this little deal…that you don’t have to grow big and can be my little girl forever and ever.

Although, listen…

…obviously you and I have no control over this.



But will you still hold my hand everywhere? And have long conversations that consist of, “I love you Poki. I love you Mommy. You are my angel Mommy. You are my angel Poki” repeated dozens of time back and forth to each other.

You can still have your unbelievably out of this world tantrums. And worry your mommy to death when you aren’t doing so well.

If you still promise to be my partner who secretly stays up late with me, sleeps with me while holding my hand through the whole night and who I sneak lots of treats to.


Happy 3rd birthday, Love.

P.S. Remember your 1st birthday and how silly Mama spent 5 hours on your dog cupcakes?

P.P.S. And then your 2nd birthday, ahh stop growing already.


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