Baby Girl’s Room Makeover: Project #4–Bird’s Nest Wreath

March 11th, 2010 in Children Product Reviews, Crafts
I saw this idea over at Tai Pan Trading in Sandy, Utah. I love wandering through that place, don’t you? SO, sadly, this idea did not come from my mind!

Bird’s Nest Wreath



Fake Flowers


“Shiny Things”



Large Metal Hook to Screw into Wall


1. Glue fake flowers into wreath

2. Cut Ribbons to the length you need in order to hang the wreath from your ceiling. Take six ribbons and tie the end of each one inside the branches on the wreath on different parts on the wreath so it balances well. Then tie all of the ribbons together above the wreath. (Hopefully the picture helps explain this)

3. Screw a sturdy metal hook into the ceiling and hook in your “knot” that you made with all of the ribbons. I let the wreath hang for two straight days before putting my daughter in the same room with it. Just to make sure the sturdy hook was holding it tight!

This was my last BIG project for her room. I just have a few small things and will soon post my “Before” and “After” pictures of her room designed with the “Three Little Birds” Bob Marley Song in mind.

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