Baby Girl’s Room Makeover: Project #2–Vinyl Decor

February 11th, 2010 in About Me

Why didn’t you all leave comments laughing in my face when I said that THIS BELOW would be my #2 project done in a week? Ha Ha, little did I know I would be spending every night scraping paint off this while my baby girlscreams, “DOOOON’T DON’T MAMA I LIKE THAT PAINT!” Well, too late kid, and hopefully it will be done this month.

So my official 2nd project was getting vinyl up on the bare walls of her room.  This great vinyl is designed by Simple Shapes on Etsy.  I had them design something to go along with the theme of her room which is…

Three Little Birds, by Bob Marley

I think they turned out great, don’t you? I am going to “girl” up the room by having everything else be bright fun colors. I wanted these to work IF another kids comes along and it isn’t a girl!

Next week, hopefully that darned toy box will be complete as Project #3!


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