Baby Doll Turns 6

March 16th, 2012 in About Me, Parties

{insert ugly cry here} Six is too old for my baby girl to be turning. I don’t want to talk about it so let me just write Abby a little note for her 6th birthday.

Baby Doll

When I watched you twice at your birthday party run to help a friend that you noticed was very sad-I knew for sure you are a very important daughter of God. When I watched you try to cheer them up, talk to them about what was going on while your party continued on, games were being played, friends were having a blast without you-I knew for sure you have a very special heart.

But then your Mama stepped in and told the sweet girls it was time to get over it and sent you on your way to have some fun at your own birthday party. They were fine! We are used to handling emotions and girls in this house, almost pros I dare say. 

Your special sweet heart who cares so much about others being ok, others being happy, others smiling, is a gift. It’s a special gift from your Father in Heaven. You’ll be able to help lots of his children.

Make sure though you take time to be sensitive to your own heart and take care of yourself as well. Promise?

Love you special girl,



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