Baby Doll Turns 4

October 3rd, 2011 in About Me, Parties

Baby Doll

Hi, it’s Mama. What name are you using today? Poki? Cameron? Shakira? Courtney the Puppy? Alyssa? As soon as you tell me I’ll make you a sign to hold so people know, just like we did yesterday and the day before.

I’ll just call you Baby Doll for now. Baby Doll you are *FOUR* today.

I have always felt very guilty that you do not have a baby book. Abby’s baby book is finished but in pieces down in the basement. Shae’s baby book is online and yours is just moments in my head and pictures spread out all over the house. I am sorry, baby books are a special thing. I was a bit overwhelmed with having two babies at once.

So yesterday I ran all around the house trying to find all the pictures I had of you in your first year of life. Then I hid in a room and made this video for you:

Let me tell you what you were like as a baby:

  • My Love: You slept with me, you sat with me all the day long, you gazed at me and held my hand. Some nights you would hold me hand the whole night long as you slept.
  • In Love with Your Sister: From day one you looked longingly at your sister and wanted her to notice you. You are very lucky to be a big sister and a little sister. Love your sisters forever and ever.
  • Sick: Born with severe juandice so we could not hold you for a couple of weeks expect for feedings and to change diapers. You had to lie under a special machine and cry. And I would cry. And Dad would feel very sad. And Abby was just very confused. Then you got better but after a few months you started to become very fussy-which was not like you- and were loosing weight. There were lots of appointments and tests done and then our health insurance dropped you. Your blood test were always off but no one could figure out what was wrong. When we would go to the doctors office and they would poke and prick you I would patiently hold you tight so you did not grab at the needles. But one day I had had enough and I started to cry and I could not stop. So all the nurses in the office had to come over and help hold you down because I could not do it anymore. But then I took a deep breath and took you back and held you myself. Sometimes Moms have to stop to take deep breaths and gain strength and then they will be back to be there for you. Forgive me when sometimes I have to take deep breaths with you.
  • Silly Arms: Aunt Rebecca reminded me of this the other day you always had your arms out by your sides with your hands turned up in a silly way. It made everyone giggle and love you more.
  • Favorites: Vibrating bouncy seat, walks in the double stroller with your sister, reading books, petting the dogs, eating berries, your yellow bear and Mom singing to you.
  • Messy: You are a messy kid and were a messy baby. At four years old I come upstairs to check on you and you ahve piled everything you like in your bed and have fallen asleep on top of it! I won’t tell you how you were messy when you were a baby but one day when you are a Mom and call me to tell me gross stories of what your babies do…I’ll laugh.
  • Independent: You wouldn’t allow me to feed you baby food! It made you so mad! So you picked up on picking up soft chunks of baby food and feeding yourself.
  • Perfect: You are Cameron, you are perfect. Your parents love you and adore you. Your Heavenly Father and older brother Jesus know you and love you, yes you Cameron Anne Brown.

This is officially your baby book and you are the only one that will have one like this. And I hope you love it.

I love you forever and ever and ever.


and a big HUG


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