Baby #3

September 15th, 2010 in About Me

While hurrying to pack for our Panama trip I did a last minute run to get some things at the local store and picked up a pregnancy test because I probably take one every other month even if I there is no way I could be pregnant.  I guess that is what having past issues with infertility will do to you.  I became very addicted to pregnancy tests.

I found out that I was, in fact, pregnant on the day before leaving on our trip.  I am still not sure how I feel. Some days I would be baby hungry and others not.  The girls had been telling me for months and months that they had a little brother named Jack. Then, a few weeks before I found out, Tyler mentioned to me if we decided to have another child he would love for it to be a boy named Jack.  Put those thoughts together and add going to the Jack Johnson concert the night I found out I was pregnant… how awesome would that be to, in fact, have a baby Jack?

Or, equally, a baby Mary.

Either way, a new baby is coming into our home.

This time around sweets taste gross to me.  Chocolate has such an odd and disgusting taste.

This baby LOVES watermelon.

This baby makes me extremely tired (although just finishing up the first trimester, having CFS and extremely low iron while pregnant, it’s probably not the baby’s fault).

This baby was very, very still in the ultrasound, but had a very strong heartbeat.

This pregnancy has me agitated, very on edge, and includes a lot of apologizing to everyone in my path.

This baby has a *very* excited oldest sister and a kind of freaked out other older sister.

This baby will be 3 1/2 years younger that his next sibling.

During this first trimester (that only has one more week until it is over!) I have not LOST 10-15 lbs like I did when I was pregnant with each girl, but I have gained 7 lbs.

This baby gives me morning sickness but NOTHING compared to when I was pregnant with the girls.  But the fatigue is quite severe.

This baby is due in APRIL! Honestly, I will most likely have my baby ON my birthday or I will be recovering in the hospital on my birthday. My birthday wishes include…a baby that likes to snuggle, girls that deal well with the transition, lots of help, yummy meals AND a papa who will clean the diapers.

What do you think? Will my wishes be granted?  I think so.

I am nervous, I am scared, I was caught off guard a bit.  Guys, I just love my babies to pieces.  I go into hiding and spend the day at home not putting them down. But being pregnant? It’s not my cup of tea.  Giving birth? It’s my ultimate fear on this earth.  So please wish me luck.

Baby Mary or Jack, taken Monday morning:


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