As Seen on T.V.

January 16th, 2010 in About Me

My first appearance on TV was only a mere 20 years ago.

Should I try my chances? Will I be as charming, cute and adorably portrayed as last time?

A girl can hope.

Next week on Tuesday, Jan. 19th @ 11 am I will be on Studio 5 on the NBC Channel. I am the first guest so don’t tune in late! That is, don’t tune in late if you want to see me c-r-o-a-k.

Also, fancy ‘ole me has a camera crew coming to film and interview me in my home next week as well.

Important question here…

Should I wear an apron and be pulling out a fresh baked loaf of banana bread with perfectly tressed hair as soon as they start shooting?

A girl can dream.

If I don’t look too chubby or freeze in front of the cameras, I’ll post it here.

But for your viewing pleasure now…my T.V. Debut…

P.S. That is my mom talking with my little sister Laura on her lap.  The younger girl doing crafts is my sister Sarah.  Yes, I am the one that threw a sock puppet in the host’s face.

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