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October 29th, 2009 in About Me

Hello Utah Readers! Have you heard of the Art Weekend in Salt Lake City next weekend? I want to attend every single class, but since I can only escape for half the day, I will be learning about Photoshop. I have not been so excited to go to an event in a long time. I know the wonderful people teaching the classes.  They are amazingly talented.  I will learn SO much to better my business (my blog).

Classes Offered:
Photography -Sold out
Tabletop Photography
-Sold out
Advanced Photoshop
Photoshop: Digital Workflow for Photographers
Illustrator -NEW CLASS ADDED!!!
Illustrator: Making Cards + Gifts
Illustrator: Creating an Identity
Illustrator: Making a Pattern
Screenprinting –
-Sold out
Blogging: From Starting to Marketing
Starting an Etsy Shop
Papercutting (Scherenschnitte)
Flower Arranging

Would any of these help you to better your business? Or maybe you have been wanting to learn some of these for a hobby? Now if I had any more time to be away from my kids, I would take the flower arranging class.  I really have always wanted to know how to beautifully arrange flowers. And if my mother wasn’t the one watching my girls, I would send her to take the class on how to start an Etsy shop. My mother needs an Etsy shop.  She is amazing. Then I would love for BOTH of us to learn how to design our own patterns… oh the endless possibilities with that one.

Now I am beginning to feel a bit sad I can’t do more than the Photoshop class.

Can you take any time away next weekend? I really really think you should.

Visit Nicole’s Classes blog for more information and sign-up instructions!

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