Art Group Monoprinting

After this, I only have one more Art Group for the “season.”  I only do them during the warm months since kids don’t have any fun standing out in the cold with wet paint!

This month we did monoprinting, which was actually quite a bit of fun and super easy to set up.



Little rollers (you can buy these at Home Depot and save them for some other projects)

White Cardstock Paper

Piece of cardboard cut to the size of the paper

Q Tips


1. Paint on the cardboard with the rollers and then let the kids use QTips to draw something or write something.

2. Then place the paper on top of the cardboard and press down all over the top to make sure the paint ends up “monoprinting” onto the white paper.

3. Peel back the paper and let dry.

Ok, so two problems I had. You have to layer on the paint thicker than you think because in the heat it dries fast and the kids want time to write on it.  Also!  The cardboard gave the monoprints ridges…I wonder what other material you could use in its place?  Let me know if you have an idea!

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