Art for the Baby’s Room

February 1st, 2011 in About Me

There are three art prints I have bought for both Cameron and Abby to decorate their rooms. I hope the prints will be special to them for years. Sometimes I don’t buy the prints right away because I like to see the girls’ personalities, their looks, what color their eyes seem to be turning out to be and what color their hair decides to stay.

So of course our new baby girl will have three prints from these vendors and I can’t wait to pick them out when I see what she is like. Let me tell you what they are and what I chose for my girls…

Sarah Jane Studios is everywhere in my home, in my thank you cards and sent as presents to people I love. The first one reminded me of Abby and the second one reminded me of Cameron’s personality.

Belle and Boo is the one I have the most fun picking out because I love to look at my girls when they are 3 or 4 months old and picture what I think they will look like when they older. Then I pick out a print based on that. The first one is in Abby’s room and the second one is in Cameron’s room.

Winborg Design has to be in my girls’ rooms because I grew up loving stories about princesses and my girls do too. We have Princess and the Pea in Abby’s room and Cinderella in Cameron’s room. Do you know what my *favorite* princess story is of all time, though? The 12 Dancing Princesses. Do you think I can talk them into adding that print to their line?

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