ARCHIVES Thursday: Importance of the Arts—Visiting Your Local University’s Museums

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One of my local university’s museums is the Life & Science Bean Museum. I am sure this is a very incorrect description, but it is a museum full of stuffed dead animals or dried insects :) Here is a link for a more accurate description…

and their own blog

The best part of course is that it is free, and the parking is free also. They even have weekly live animal shows every day for no charge.

To be honest by daughter was very unsure of all of the very life like non moving animals surrounding her, but after the first 10 minutes she was having a ball!! The first part of the museum is very interactive, buttons you can push and pictures light up of the animals. There is an endless amount of animals and you can spend a good hour or two in the museum.

Their temporary exhibits are amazing too, right now they are featuring photography, landscapes and animals.

So check it out, see if your local university has an exhibit or a museum and let me know how your trip goes!

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