March 6th, 2012 in About Me

I do not want to label poor Poki and give her a problem she doesn’t have. But the only way I can really *explain* what she goes through every day is severe anxiety.

It breaks my heart, stresses me out, really bothers her older sister, tires us all out and most hard of all it can completely ruin her whole day. It can be something as simple as asking her to do a chore she is not certain she can do herself to just leaving for dance class that will set her off. Those that are close to our family know that she has had this problem since she was a little baby. She gets very stressed out and it over takes her, like she just cannot cope. She can act out by just freezing up, crying, screaming, scratching herself and others or completely tearing apart a room. I have learned that she has to be handled very gently. I cannot rush her, the stress she feels no consequence in the world will make her be able to stop, things have to be worded the right way and I can’t “lead up” to any event (by reminding her about it, talking about it, etc.) or it builds up anxiety in her. But I still don’t really know that much on what to do to help her.

Do any of your have children with a similar problem? What have you found helpful?

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