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August 3rd, 2011 in About Me, Crafts

I have received a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking me some of the same questions. I have been lazy with replying to emails. Plus, the fact that I read them on my phone and then forget about them doesn’t help.

Sorry about that, but here are some answers for you!

“Where did you get your daughters’ bathing suits in this picture?”

Land’s End Girls’ Skirted Tugless Tank Swimsuit. Right now they are on sale for $9! Boy, I wish I had spent $9 on ours!

“Will you do a post on where you shop for your girls’ clothing?”

Yes I can! We will be doing our first “Back to School Outfits” post soon and I’ll go into more detail on where I shop when I write that post. I have received this request for about 2 years now so I will finally promise to sit down and just do it!

Emails to me offering Sponsored Posts for reviewing or featuring different companies. Or emails from new advertisers…

I have cut back almost completely on this. Still send them my way because I will take them once in a blue moon if the mood strikes me. I try to pass along the names of new bloggers for companies to contact when I am not interested. As I posted a couple of months ago, I have mostly “retired” from making a living through my blog. With new successes in my husband’s businesses and also having my third daughter (and wanting more babies), I made the hard decision to stop making money with my blog. I continue to make a few hundred a month but no longer actively do work, seek out work or take on new work with my blog. But as I said, I can pass along other bloggers’ names to you.

“Can you post all of the activities you have done for Relief Society?”

Yes, I will work on this and have it up in the next couple of weeks.

“Will you post what you do for Super Saturday this year AND what is the company you used last year?”

I sure can. The company I used is a neighbor of mine: Poppy Seed Projects. You can have them come out with all of the supplies for their projects. They have tons that are $10 and under. They also have a brand new store in Sandy, Utah where you can check out all of their items in person.

Poppy Seed Projects

I also have received many requests to do detailed How-To’s on the other projects we offered, since those were done by other ladies that I go to church with. I will have to pass on doing those How-To’s. But there are many, many fabulous craft blogs out there and I love to use Pinterest to post the newest things I have found. You can follow me on Pinterest here:

“I would still like to take your “Moms Make Money Blogging” course. Is it still available? How can I buy it?”

I am very proud of that program and all of the work I put into it. It is a really great resource on how to set up, drive traffic to, network with others and make money with your blog. Handling all of the emails, messages, accounts, orders, etc. became too much for me, and as I said, my husband and I came to the agreement that I could “retire.” The program DOES need some updating (because the blog world is ever changing) but a lot of the information in there is still very applicable and helpful. If you email me I can send you all the links to the program for a very discounted price. If I do not respond to your first email or message PLEASE take the time to email me again and accept my apologies for the delay.  I am not actively trying to sell this product and have asked all affiliates to remove the button and links to the website.

“Your husband is not pictured or brought up a lot on your blog. How come?”

I am glad people have brought this up with me…I will do a fun post soon “introducing” my husband and involving him more in the blog.

“How can my Utah company be reviewed on your site?”

Please send a request for more information to and we will take care of you. We can answer any questions and see if your company would be a good fit for the site.

Thank you for all of your questions and comments to my email and Facebook. It is fun to hear from all of you!

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