Another Leap Frog Giveaway

December 2nd, 2011 in Giveaways

Leap Frog sent us another couple items to review and give away on our blog. Let me tell you about them…

Peek-A-Shoe Talking Octopus

“Ball-drop play with peek-a-boo shoe surprises! Drop in a ball and look for it under the brightly-colored, numbered shoes. Explore counting, colors and learn about different sea animals. Press his collar to add music to the mix!”

Pros: The songs are cute, and not painful to the parents’ ears! The older kids like to play with it along with the baby. It teachers numbers, counting, comparing, colors, motor skills and language development. The cost: you can get it from amazon for under $25.

Cons: The shoes come off too easily; they messed up on the number of legs, or at least on the design of them. I don’t know if the little ones would really get the concept of the toy, and it knocks over really easily.

Not my favorite Leap Frog product. I would suggest similar drop the ball and song toys a lot more than this one. I kind of wonder if Leap Frog will discontinue this one, or at least come out with a better model. I really do love Leap Frog products and know they could do much better with an amazing toy in this age range using this same sort of idea.

 My Own Story Time Pad

“Personalized play, stories and activities on a tablet just for little learners! Children can watch fun animations and listen to stories, emails and music as they explore the world of Scout & Friends. Parents can personalize the story time pad with their child’s name, favorites, customized “emails” from family and a music playlist.”

Pros: It really is perfect for the age they suggest,  2-4. I would highly suggest to pay attention to that recommendation! My 4 year old LOVES it and my 5 1/2 year old gets a bit bored with it. It is helping my 4 year old with letter recognition, letter sounds, phonics and storytelling skills. It is extremely durable and the price is spot-on (29.99). The battery life also has been pretty awesome.

Cons: The screen is a bit old school, but it didn’t bug my kids, and for the price (29.99) I think it is fine.

I didn’t think my kids would really enjoy this product. I thought the kind of “old school” black and white choppy screen would be a turn off after they were used to the clear, colorful screens with the Explorer and LeapPad, but it wasn’t! It really is one of my 4 year old’s favorite toys. I would recommend this very highly for a 3 year old or 4 year old — no older or younger.

Who wants to the chance to win the My Own Story Time Pad OR the Peek-A-Shoe Talking Octopus?

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This giveaway ends December 8th at 7pm, good luck!

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