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July 13th, 2012 in About Me, Love of Local in Utah

Kim from takes the girls pictures every year.

Quickly I will tell you why; she uses film (I do not like over photoshopped, fake looking, your kid’s eyes are glowing, that-does-not-even-look-like-them photos), she is sweet, gentle, and fun (perfect personality for my three girlies), she snaps pictures that look like real life (they have personality to them), and she is reliable/dependant/a hard worker/gives you top notch results.

Shae is very attached to me so was screaming the whole time and she would have with anyone. I think NEXT year she will do well, that little stinker.

Ok let me show you my favorites:

You can see the other times Kim has taken the girl’s pictures here:

Newborn Shae Pictures

2011 Annual Pictures

2010 Annual Pictures –can’t find this one yet—

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