Annual End of Harvest Dinner

March 17th, 2015 in Parties

Our last Annual End of Harvest Dinner was 3 months late and this year’s was 5 months early. Why am I referring to it as the “Annual End of Harvest Dinner” still? I don’t know. All I know is two sisters might be on their way to different states and different phases of their lives. So when Sarah came to visit we smashed it in. Two years I was in charge, then Sarah one year, and this year it was Winston & Laura. It is really hard to win on the years you are in charge. But now Laura & Winston and I are two for two. WHO WILL WIN IN 2016?!?!


So yes I won, ahem, I won this contest again. Two years in a row baby.

I did not document it well because of this thing:


Who since I got back from New Orleans is GLUED to me. It is very slowly getting better, very slowly.

The assignment was to make THE BEST BURGER, FRIES, AND SHAKE.  All votes were based 100% on taste this year. 

I didn’t document it well. I of course documented my genius plan very well:

Perfect a smashburger at home. Go buy smashburger buns, make the smashburger sauce, watch many youtube videos from the owner of smashburger own how to smash the smashburger. Buy local pickles and ketchup and cheese that taste better. BANG.



Fries. Now I do know two things, #1 I like oven fries better and #2 yellow baby yukons soaked taste buttery, much better than regular potatoes. Then I just found a dip to go with that. It was a buttermilk bacon dip and I also used hickory smoked pepper to season my potatoes.



Lastly my friends. Answer me what is the best ice cream out there? If you said Half Baked you answered correctly. Can you make Half Baked better? Of course you can you fools.


Done, done you guys, done. All of those things are amazing, all of those things will make you win.


During the competition I heard rumblings of Amish cheese, 92% of this or that kind of meat, that budgets should be used from here on out, special bacon, special mustard. My friends, I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING. Who knew what these people were doing:

fries cookingcontestfries cookingcontest2015 cookingcontest
burgersl burgers1 burgers bryanjbburgers

All I know is I won. And I was presented with a gold ninja knife at the end. And I’ll see you in 2016 suckaaaaaaaaas!

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One Response to “Annual End of Harvest Dinner”

  • Rebecca
    March 22nd, 2015 at 12:43 am

    I want to eat all of that. That bacon dip looks amazing. We bake our French fries too, but I haven’t tried yellow Yukon potatoes for them. Definitely have to add that to my to-try list.