Always Something to Talk About

December 4th, 2009 in About Me

The women in the family (on my husband’s side) started a blog! The blog, Always Something to Talk About, is a place where mothers and daughters discuss today’s issues and interests. A place where the wisdom of yesterday can be combined with the freshness of today.

Every week we are all posting about a different subject and all of our different “takes” on it. This week we all posted about how we get advice/inspiration/knowledge on “motherhood.” I rant about how I really dislike the WRONG kind of advice.  Rebecca talks about the pregnancy book I ripped out of her hands and hid from her.  Cindy talks about how her sweet little daughter is at an age where she believes anything that comes out of an adult’s mouth. Linda talks about how when she was a young mother she wished she had blogs!

I love that we all are so different.  We’re all different ages, have a different number of children and are in different places with totally different backgrounds. I tend to learn the most from women in different phases of their lives than my own.  I feel like I really can see the “bigger picture” when I learn from them.

We are going to have a lot of fun over there. Please add us to your Google Reader, Bookmarks and visit us each week to see what we are talking about!

Are their any issues with motherhood, parenthood or family life you would love to see discussed?


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