Almost Time to Send Her Off….

September 2nd, 2011 in About Me

Dear Baby Girl,

For the past hour I have been sitting in my bed watching videos of you growing up. I can’t stop crying because I don’t want you to leave me and go to school. I feel like as soon as you enter school it is going to take you on the fast train to growing up.

Thank you for being my sidekick.

Thank you for dealing with a sometimes stinker bum mom.

Thank you for helping me so much with your little sisters.

Thank you for forgiving me so easily.

Thank you for always wanting to talk to me and do things with me and be by me.

Thank you for making your dad feel so special.

Thank you for loving life so much.

Thank you for playing with Poki so well. She just *adores* you.

Thank you.

You will love school. Your mom will put on a brave face while you run into that classroom more excited than you have ever been in your life.

And then she will go home and bawl. Just like my mom did on my first day. And just like you will do one day on your baby’s first day.

You will become even more beautiful, smart, confident and fun with school. Oh goodness, you are GOING TO LOVE IT.


Your Friend & Your Mama

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