All Natural Egg Dyeing Science Experiment

April 4th, 2012 in Crafts, Learning, Nature

We did it again this year (dying easter eggs with spices, vegetables, juices, etc.) but we turned it into a science experiment and switched up the directions a bit. This is what we did all day, I ignored everything else, poor poor house is a disaster.

First we had to bug our chickens for all their eggs! 

I had the girls draw pictures of the things we were going to use to dye the eggs, then guess what color they think it would change the eggs.

#1 Here are some ideas for ingredients to use to dye your eggs:

Different Shades of Purple & Blue: Purple grape juice, canned blueberries and red cabbage leaves (this one stinks up the house though).

Different Shades of Red & Pink: Cranberries or cranberry juice, raspberries, beets (this one stinks a bit too), red onion skins (this one is the coolest!), canned cherries, raspberries and pomegranate juice.

Different Shades of Green & Yellow: Spinach, basil, parsley, apple peels, turmeric, cumin and orange peels.

Orange: Yellow onion skins, carrots, paprika and chili powder.

#2 Now if it a juice you do not need to boil anything, you just plop the ALREADY HARD BOILED eggs into the mixture and let sit for…3-6 hours. If you are using a spice or vegetable you are going to need to cook it in water, bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for a hour. That gets the water a beautiful color.

#3 Then you strain your liquid through a coffee filter or strainer into some containers. Let the mixtures cool and then plop your ALREADY HARD BOILED eggs into the mixture.

#4 Wait! Did I forget to tell you to make sure the eggs are washed off and dried? And also that you put a tiney bit of white vinegar in all your dyes? Do that. Like I said after 3-6 hours the eggs will be ready.

These were our favorite colors this year: Red onion peels, turmeric and blueberries.

Lastly while I pulled the eggs out of the dyes the girls wrote on their clipboards if their guesses were wrong and right. It was such fun!

You can check out what our eggs looked like last year on this post.

P.S. The chickens got all the leftovers (broken eggs, cooked cranberries) and were very happy. 

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