After Baby Body

February 11th, 2011 in Babies

This week I have babies on the brain!

I think all I heard in preparation for the “after baby body” was, “Oh you will NEVER be the same. Just you wait.”

May I say that I am not a huge fan of those “sayings” like the…”Oh just you wait until you have baby #3 or baby #4. THEN you will be a busy mom and things will never be the same.” Or, “Just you wait until you hit 30. Then you will really need to keep up on working out.” Or, “Just you wait until you have had a HARD labor like my last one. Then you’ll know what recovery is like.” Come on, let’s change our “Just you waits” to only awesome things.

Sorry. A little off the subject there.  But back to the “After Baby Body.” I wish I had heard positive things like…

  • Yes, it has only been 2 days since you had the baby and you still look 6 months pregnant. Don’t worry. It will look better sooner rather than later. You have full permission to smack anyone who asks why you haven’t had your baby yet.
  • Those stretch marks? A lot of them could fade or go away. And yes, some will stay. In my case all but one went away and I wear that big one on my side with pride. It’s like a war mark! But I remember standing in the dressing room 2 months after having a baby and thinking that my stomach would look like that for the rest of my life.
  • Women’s reproductive parts really do bounce back quite awesomely well. Which would be nice to know after having a 10 lb baby…because naturally you would worry. I mean really, really worry.
  • You didn’t have the largest breasts to begin with? After you are all done nursing they ain’t too shabby and really maybe they are even better than before. Plus, bras do amazing things now-a-days.
  • After you have a baby your husband is just so excited he can put his arms all the way around you to hug you and get some chicka chicka bow wow. You don’t need to worry about not looking perfect or (shhh) maybe even 3 or 4 months pregnant. REALLY. If you got yourself a nice man, he’ll make you feel like hot stuff.

What do you wish you would have known about an “After Baby Body”?

Were you worried about it?

P.S. Yes, I said chicka chicka bow wow like a 9 year old.

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