About Us

Updated “About Us” page update, December 2012:

Nice to “meet you” we are the Browns and in November 2012 we moved to Playa Hermosa (located near Jaco), Costa Rica from Herriman (a bit south of Salt Lake City), Utah. It was an adventure selling most of our possessions, and moving right after the birth of our fourth daughter. Now the six of us; Tyler (dog trainer), Vanessa (blogger-see next about me update), Abby Rae (6 yrs), Cameron Anne (5 yrs), Shae Mary (18 months), and Reagan Jo (2 months) are getting settled in a new country far away from everything we know.

Our blog is six years old now and has morphed into different things along the way. Right now it is mainly a journal of our life that we can keep and look back on forever. I blog for my girls, I blog for my posterity, and I blog for my journal. We also hope to share our traveling, homeschooling, and living abroad experiences. Along with the same type of posts we have had since the beginning of INeverGrewUp.net; family updates, kid’s activities (books, art projects, craft projects, fun things to do, etc.), finding the beauty of everyday, the ups and downs of parenthood, and family recipes.

I (Vanessa), have always done 100% of the writing but I recently have talked my husband, Tyler, into writing on my blog about our family’s travels. He did after-all talk us into this and drove from Utah to Costa Rica to make it happen!

Thanks for joining us along our adventure and if you ever need anything my email is inevergrewup@gmail.com.

-Vanessa Brown + the rest of the gang

About Me from April 2011: 

I currently reside in Utah with my three beautiful girls (+one more girl on the way), two dogs, 4 chickens and dog guru husband, Tyler.

I am PROUD to be a stay at home mother to my three beautiful girls. We love to explore nature, invent recipes, do art & craft projects galore, travel the world as a family, learn together, plan parties and find beauty in every single day — on good days.

On bad days, I like to try to hide from my kids. Thankfully, we have more good days than bad days.

We love to live by the saying, “I Never Grew Up.” And we have a blast together.

Be sure to check out a very outdated page of my favorite blogs here, and the last place where I still guest post: Simple Kids.

You can contact me at inevergrewup@gmail.com

You can contact my husband for dog related issues locally at CommuniCanine.net and worldwide at DogBehaviorOnline.com. I do not pass along any questions to him or answer them myself. (sorry)


Right before the birth of my third daughter, my husband and I decided together that it would be best for my girls and me if I focus on being a mother and stop making a living online. Thankfully, my husband’s career and businesses are growing like crazy so I do not need to work any longer. I gave up my nanny, my house cleaner and my career.

I ran a very successful online coaching program called “Moms Make Money Blogging” that took people through an online course to teach them how to set up, drive traffic to and make money with their blogs. I also ran a successful social media consulting firm called “A Kick in the Buzz” where I helped companies from Utah to overseas learn to use social media to grow their business. I worked with restaurant owners, fashion designers, celebrities, mom and pop shops and national brands and campaigns. I had many writing jobs, television spots, magazine spotlights, speaking engagements and press events.

I also owned the website SassyScoops.com, where we promoted a new local Utah company every single week. We promoted over 100 local places for over 3 years but I had to close it down due to expecting another child.

Also, back in the day, I sponsored SassyScoops.com Girls Night Outs, Sharing is Caring Project Days, Nature Days & Art Days.