About I Never Grew Up

January 9th, 2008 in About Me

I never grew up is a blog to assist mothers in everyday life. From help with: educating your child at home, choosing the right babysitter/nanny, buying the best toys and books, tips for healthy eating along with an array of other subjects inevergrewup.net is an interesting and informative blog to check out every single day.

Vanessa was a nanny in Boston and Salt Lake for seven years before having two children of her own. As a nanny and now mother she enjoys every aspect of learning and growing along with my two daughters. She can play along, read, pretend, craft, and teach her children for hours on end. She feels extremly lucky for feeling as if she has never grown up. With her unique perspective, her reviews can give you insight into your child’s mind but in words you can relate to and understand.

Vanessa has lived all over the country: Maryland, Arizona, Virgina, Texas, Massuchuests and currently resides in Utah with her husband Tyler (dogbehavioronline.com and communicanineutah.net), two daughters Cameron and Abby, and two dogs Honey and Rocco.

She can be contacted at inevergrewup@Yahoo.com or vanessa@inevergrewup.net


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