Abby’s Surgery

July 11th, 2012 in About Me

A week ago Abby went in to get her tonsils and adenoids out. I know it is a surgery people do all the time but it still had us really nervous. I am grateful they were able to get her in so early because I wanted her to not miss any of her summer science camps. She talks about and plans on those 365 days of the year, I didn’t want her to miss those! Also I think the doctor thought I was further along in my pregnancy that I really am–I didn’t correct him and used that to my advantage. Lastly, the poor girl is a MESS up there/in there/whatever there and she needed it fixed really fast.

Shopping for after surgery foods with Abby.
Let her get what her little heart desired!

Abby was very excited for eating icecream, popsicles, soup (she LOVES soup), jello, and pudding. I don’t think she was too terribly nervous but she did spend the night before with me just laying next to me hanging on my arm.

Don’t judge me on this picture, ok fine judge me, it was after our weekend of that huge yard sale and I had been having painful contractions at night:

She was such a brave girl when they were getting her ready. She went off with the antheoslogist and didn’t see me until a bit after waking up from her surgery. She had a rough wake up. She wanted me to remember any silly/weird thing she did when she woke up. The nurse told me she did NOT want her dolly and was very mad at dolly. Abby thought that was pretty silly.


Abby also had such a sweetheart for a nurse, I just love sweet nurses that do their jobs well. They help us so much in stressful times, wish FABULOUS nurses were paid much more.

You know…seeing her go through something like that, be so helpless, and need me so much. It made me just love her even more and realize that being a Mom? It’s always # 1 and I can’t mess it up. 



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