Abby’s Beauty & The Beast 11th Birthday Party

July 5th, 2017 in Parties

Well! Abby says this is her last large birthday party. But honestly you guys, there was just one girl at this party that Abby didn’t know well. And we invited her because it isn’t kind to make one girl the odd girl out. It is just mean (hear that people that plan parties!!) But all the other girls she spends time with, love her, and she is friends with. One of the best things about Abby is her ability to make friends, be a good friend, and make her friends feel good around her. So this is why she had so many friends at her party. Not to get presents. Not for the pictures. Because people really do love her.

So for her party only two girls couldn’t make it but her dance, church, neighborhood, and book club friends were there. Abby wanted to go see the new movies, Beauty and the Beast for her birthday party.

The most fun party of preparing this party for Abby was her chosing out her outfit. She wanted to look like Belle but not like a Disney version of her. She chose that dress, those shoes, and even the earrings. Then for a gift I sent her to a salon to get her makeup and hair done. She even had pictures for how she wanted that done! It was nice to see Abby so confident and feel really beautiful. I think that of course there is a problem if your daughter is obsessed with that. But for them to feel that way and acknowledge that they feel that way. That is powerful I think.

Abby also had a lot of input on her cake! She wanted a red rose on top and for their to be a stained glass effect. I think it turned out over the top beautifully.

We did have an hour and a half to kill at our house before going to the movies. But most of the party was at the theatre so we just did a little backdrop for the party for decor.

So before heading out to the movie we had a game. The child would bring their present up to Abby and we would snap a picture. Then the person would share two truths and a lie. All the other guests would write down their guess for the lie. The top five girls who answered the most of those correct with all the girls were awarded a movie gift card. It was a nice thing to do to kill the time and it made it so each child got to introduce themselves.

One of my cute YW had started a princess party business. I just had her make an appearance to support her business. Doesn’t she make a fantastic Belle?

We sang to Abby, ate cake, and then were on our way to the movies. When each kid arrived I gave them a name tag that had the color group they were in. That group drove together to the movies (I had 7 fabulous friends help me with driving!) and also their seat number on their name tag. That is the only way I could take that many kids to a movie.


Going to the movies for a birthday was such a hit! That movie was so fun and Abby choose every single seat for each kid to sit in. She wanted to make sure that every girl was sitting by someone they knew so they would have a nice time. Then she sat some of her favorite friends by her. Abby was very involved in all the details of this party!

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

Abby’s Birthday Party from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.

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  • Linda
    July 8th, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    She is so grown up and so beautiful. Where did little Abby go?