Abby’s Baptism Day

April 29th, 2014 in About Me, Learning

Abby’s baptism day was so sweet, simple, beautiful, pure, and perfect for her. We sure did miss her grandparents on a mission, and family that lives far away. But everyone that lives close by was able to come and she was just so happy.

We prepared for her baptism day by using this binder:

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 8.40.14 PM

I had everyone (man I hope I did not forget anyone) in her life that had been baptized write her a letter. To tell of their baptism experience, or to give her advice, things like that. She read through those for a few weeks leading up to her baptism. Also in it were FHE lessons, poems, journal entry pages, lots of different things. I think I have posted a bit more about it in the past here. She had her meeting with the Primary president and the bishop. She even took notes during the bishop interview, oh my goodness, isn’t that adorable? We had a special prayer that morning, her and I. And we danced on the front lawn. She also went on an outing with her daddy the night before. I tried to have everything ready to go and prepared so the morning could just be CALM. Other than some screaming from her little sisters, it was pretty calm.

abbywithsisters abbyandtyler abbyandmom

Abby stood in the hallway greeting all her guests. Man that is one of the things I adore about her. She is such a good friend, she really is. She is so friendly, thoughtful, fun, well-mannered. She is the best girl to have on your side.


I could tell she was a little nervous. Not horribly, just a little. That is another thing I adore about her, she sure is brave. When she is confidentially brave I just burst with pride.


For her baptism she had her Grandpa Willden and Uncle Ryan as the witnesses. Tyler dunked her deep! Oh my goodness, it made everyone laugh. But she went under for sure. When I went back to the bathroom she just had the best grin on her face. She just gave me kisses and hugs and told me how much she loved me. Then when we were walking out she said, “I’m just so excited, I’m just so excited. I mean I FEEL SO HAPPY!”

Man that girl, I just love her.

Then she sat with her Daddy waiting to be confirmed. In the circle was her Grandpa Willden, Uncle Ryan, Great Grandpa Willden, Great Uncle Stephen Willden, and Uncle Winston. Her blessing was beautiful. Here are a few notes I took: Use your talents to bless others’ lives. Find ways to use the gift of the Holy Ghost to serve and help those around you. Look at the example of the Savior and love those around you. To understand who you are, a daughter of Heavenly Father. Remember to look at others the same way. Use your personality as a gift to help others’ lives.

Then during her baptism luncheon she just sat with her guests and talked and talked. She has such a beautiful happy day. I was thrilled for her.

I get to do this next year with Cameron! Can’t believe it.

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